Easy Setup WordPress Website In Under 10 Minutes

When starting a new business website it can get overwhelming quickly for some. Trying to get what you need without overspending on what you don’t need. As developers we have a series of questions that we ask each client in order to streamline the initial set up process.

Easy Setup WordPress Website
Starting A New WordPress Website That’s Fast And Mobile Friendly

Our Easy Setup WordPress Website Guide

We decided to create a quick guide on starting a WordPress website from essentially an idea. This guide may not be as extensive as our developers during a new website project. However, it does shed light on the primary directions we take to get rolling quickly.

Without further ado, we hope you learn some thing and hope this helps you while starting a new WordPress website for yourself.

Research Competition Websites & Locate Important Features

Competition analysis, probably the most important step we go through when starting a new WordPress website. Only 1 out of every 100 businesses has an extremely unique approach. While the rest may be great businesses, they have multiple competitors.

Competition is not always a problem. Especially for young, first time business owners without such experiences. Your competitions website is also a blueprint to something more successful than winging it.

Now I’m not saying to copy identically text from your competition website and paste it right into yours. But, there are many elements about a website that can lead to a successful direction!

Five areas to consider when evaluating a competition website:

1. Layout On desktop and mobile devices

The layout of the website is critical nowadays. In high end development we make such subtle adjustments that most people would not even realize.

Typography, column structures, spacing between elements, colors and much more. look over the homepage, service pages, contact page, etc. Checking for consistent concepts is key to determining what’s working for them. Easy Setup WordPress Website doesn’t always mean 1 click.. but its more of think it though and decide what are the most important items.

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Easy Setup WordPress Website In Under 10 Minutes

Easy Setup WordPress Website In Under 10 Minutes

When starting a new business website it can get overwhelming quickly for...

Be sure to look over the mobile version as well as the desktop version. Each will contain vital hints to being more prepared for customers in your market.

Existing websites typically use the data for their current traffic to determine what changes they can make for a better user experience. A better user experience on your website means more sales and conversions.

2. Service Page Breakdowns

A big part of an easy setup wordpress website flow, is knowing how to organize your material. Breaking down your service pages is important for ranking and better target marketing results. It allows you to really key in on a particular niche service when advertising. Each ad can deliver your customer directly to the proper service on your website.

If you are creating your WordPress website from scratch, your competition may have a blue print for breaking down your services. Start by looking at their main navigation and follow the services link.

Not everyone will have a perfect example to cling to. In fact, to this day many websites still follow old principles and outdated web standards. Google has a pretty good tool for finding good examples to follow.

it’s called, Google Search! I know… and it’s free!!!

All sarcasm aside, Google search has a relatively strict search algorithm. Typically websites that appear within the first 4 to 5 pages have made clear efforts to create a well performing website. An easy setup WordPress website flow is more about the bigger picture of who and what is involved in getting business.

This helps google customers find what they’re looking for quickly by eliminating most web junk from your results. That makes Google look good.

Now you get to see what Google praises by searching as if you’re your own customer. Which competitors showed up on the first two pages?

3. SEO, Content depth and Media

This one here is pretty big as well. getting a website built with WordPress can actually be pretty quick. However SEO and website content can halt your entire project.

When looking at your competition, you may notice more text than you expected. That’s because text is the primary source of a website ranking in search engines.

Not saying just type 1100 words over and over until you finally meet the number. Google does a thorough job of determining repetitive content. As well as what’s referred to as duplicate content. Duplicate content normally means text copied from one side to the other in a plagiarism manner. In other words, always create unique text for your website if you want it to rank in search engines.

4. Page speed (how fast the site loads)

The speed of a webpage, or the time it takes a webpage to load completely has become a normal. Not all websites will see a perfect page speed score. But more often than not, most websites can be much quicker with a within a few tweaks.

This usually depends on several variables that revolve around getting a website. hosting, WordPress theme, WordPress plug-ins, performance management, etc. Each of these areas and many more play a major role in the score of your page speed. As of now, easy setup wordpress website options are hard to find that meet pagespeed. Atleast not turn-key install, add content, check Pagespeed Insights..

Yay!! Easy 100! … Not going to happen. But.. you absolutely can get a 100 on mobile and desktop with WordPress. (Proven Fact.. check our pagespeed scores easy setup wordpress website flow post and see where its currently at.) You can also reach out and hire our devs to handle your wordpress website optimization for you.

If ranking high in google using a wordpress website, its not going to be the just any theme.

Using tools such as Google page speed insights, GT metrics, kingdom.com, etc. can give you valuable insight on page speed metrics. I’m not only looking at your own website but your competitions website.

5. The handshake(s)!

A handshake is what we refer to as making the sale. when building a WordPress website, you need to know the goal. Where and when does the conversion take place. How many steps did the user have to take to get to the handshake.

In Internet marketing, this is referred to as a click funnel essentially. Leading a potential customer via some assuring text and a shiny button that says “Start Today” or something like that.

That shiny button is referred to as the call to action or CTA. locating the CTA within your competition website and following it till you reach the handshake is critical. Evaluating each step along the way king give you vital detail on how to create your own website funnel.

Pay attention to the form or final step of the conversion. Mini customers make it to the final step, but only a few will reach out and make the handshake. That’s what makes this point so important. Remember that the CTA’s from text to color can also deter potential customers away before the handshake even begins. Certainly something to keep in your mind as you go.

Determine What Features You Need From Your Website.

Starting a WordPress website can get exciting when you realize that any feature is possible. When comes great power comes great responsibility. This is especially true when talking about adding features to your website.

Mini new WordPress website owners find themselves installing multiple plug-ins to gain a few of the features they actually needed. This leads to many problems.

First, do you want to get a good idea of what core functionalities your business model requires to operate within a website. by doing this from the beginning, you can typically get a chunk of needed functionality within one plug-in. While the remaining features could be created from scratch to refrain from uploading bulk plug-ins for a small portion of his functionality.

Eliminating bloatware is a good practice for any WordPress website owner. Too many plug-ins installed usually leads to a slow, underperforming website.

Always remember that custom functionality’s are not always massive expensive coding jobs. Sometimes a developer could spend 2 to 3 hours giving you exactly what you wanted. that’s without installing a bunch of code that you may never use. Its super important for an easy setup WordPress website to eliminate the bloat. this keeps these WordPress site fast, organized, and an overall better experience.

Prepare Your Websites Pages & General Content

Making a list of pages after doing competition research will save you time. List out each page and create A separate text file that correlates with that page.

If you are focused on ranking your website and search engines, we recommend a minimum of 800 words per page. Most clients look at that number and think “that’s a lot of text”.

Realistically, it is. However ranking is a digital battle of quality content. Once you get used to creating content to rank pages, you may find yourself writing 1200 to 2500 words per page.

There are many ways to approach creating lengthy written pages. With a little too practice and the right tools, you could do 1200 word articles in an hour or so.

We can also hire writers to create the contact for your new WordPress website. You have to keep in mind that the writer probably doesn’t have the insight that you do. Something to think about when streamlining an easy setup WordPress website that actually helps.

Take Notes Of Primary Links & Accounts

Taking note of primary links and third-party accounts helps with locating everything during development. Social links, YouTube video links, links to clients, etc.

This step alone is super important when working with a developer. You do not want to pay 80/hour for a developer to be trying to find your links for you. A developers time is much more valuable developing.

Finalizing Our Easy Setup WordPress Website Guide.

If you made it this far, Congratulations! You’re one step closer to starting a new WordPress website. Just a few of the concepts that we use to evaluate each client and their website needs when building WordPress websites.

If any of these steps seem out of your league, feel free to reach out and find out how we can help. How are highly educated WordPress experts that can build the website you want and want to showoff!